D&M Work Policies

Health & Safety Policy – Outlining D&M’s commitment to ensuring the highest standards of health and safety and out ongoing strive for zero harm within the workplace. The policy details the management system that D&M utilise to enable to safe completion of all works and the responsibilities that have been allocated to relevant personnel. The policy is reviewed on an annual basis with regular audits undertaken by management and directors to ensure standards are maintained and where possible exceeded.

Environmental Policy – Enabling us to reduce our impact on the environment, by minimising our use of energy, water and natural resources as well as noise and air pollution. The policy outlines the systems and methodology upon which D&M aim to minimise their impact upon the environment. We are continuously setting and achieving new goals and regularly evaluate our progress in order for us to constantly be more environmentally friendly. In addition to this, we will avoid the use of hazardous materials and dispose of our waste in a safe and legal manner. We work with environmentally responsible suppliers and train our staff so that all components of our company are environmentally friendly.

Quality Policy – our Quality Policy is in place to guarantee that our company is dedicated to its service, to meet the requirements of the customers at all times and achieve consistently high levels of customer satisfaction through our commitment to the implementation of supporting business operational systems. In order to do this, we have three principles in place. Firstly, ensuring that we understand and conform to the customers needs. Secondly, identifying the potential for errors and acting to eliminate them, and thirdly, all staff understanding their job demands so that the job can be done right the first time.

Work at Height Policy and Procedures – this dedicated policy ensures that the health and safety of our employees that work at height is effectively managed and maintained.

Acetylene Gas Cylinder Policy – Acetylene is a highly volatile gas and as such we have dedicated procedures in place to manage to safe use of this product.

Asbestos Management Policy – Asbestos kills more people within the UK than people die from road traffic accidents. D&M acknowledge the danger that Asbestos poses to its workforce and has outlined policies and procedures to ensure the well being of its workforce and those who could be affected by our works.

Bribery and Corruption Policy – D&M strive to ensure a positive ethical way of working in all of its undertakings. This policy helps the company to ensure that at all times it maintains this standard.

Managing Violence at Work Policy – Violence in the workplace is an ever growing issue within the world and we have outlined a way of working to assist our workforce with minimising the risk of both physical and verbal violence and outlining ways of dealing with a situation should an issue ever arise.

Isolation of Electricity Policy – D&M’s electrical department understand the risks posed by the nature of the work they undertake. This policy outlines the safe methodology and procedures that we adhere to in order to ensure the risk of electrical shock is effectively managed.

Equal Opportunities Policy – D&M strive to be a leader within the field of fair employment and promotion of a positive working environment. To enable this we have developed our equal opportunities policy which outlines and promotes the positive culture that D&M are proud to have achieved and maintained.

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